Date: 27th February 2018

Circus KNIE, 19.02.2018


Our company Habegger is a partner of the circus Knie since more than 50 years. The rope and lifting system of the new arching tower was developed and constructed in collaboration with the Habegger AG. Last week on the 19th February 2018, the towers got pulled up for the first time with the help of two of our staff. The arching towers are now operational.

4 Zeltkonstruktion

Date: 7th December 2017

Workshop at BKW company in Kallnach

During four days, 20 mechanics from BKW Company, joined our workshop: Correct handling with manual pulley device, HIT-TRAC machines, personal safety equipment and rope technique. For theory, we presented our products and explained their characteristics. What we presented for theory was put into action. The good infrastructure of the BKW education centre made it possible to hold an interesting workshop.

Date: 21st November 2017

Hall gate for the new BLS Werfthalle in Thun, using HABEGGER HIT-TRAC 32E, to put the hall gate into the final position.

Using two HIT-TRAC 32E machines, the hall gate at the BLS Werfthalle with a weight of 6.3 tons, was moved into the final position. The two machines were fixed to the ground on both sides. The 16 mm wire rope was looped around two 6.4 tons rope pulleys and connected on both sides at the gate with round slings. Because we didn’t have much space capacity, the fixing of the gate had to be done on a hanging rope. Ropes, safety belts and supplies also belong to our range of products of the company HABEGGER.

Project: BLS Werfthalle Thun, Switzerland
Done by: Employees of the company HABEGGER
Inserted HABEGGER HIT-TRAC 32E, wire rope for HIT-TRAC 32E,
Material: sling gear, rope pulleys, personal safety equipment

Date: 15th November 2017

The new HABEGGER catalogue H1 arrived!

The company HABEGGER released a new catalogue, which contains the entire range of activities of the company.
Besides buying, we newly also offer to rent HABEGGER machines. The offerings for products of the lifting device and personal safety equipment highly improved. As well, the service and maintenance is newly taking place at the client’s location if a client wishes so. The technique department is also able to plan, document and produce prototypes, special constructions or small series. Convince yourself by taking a look at the service offerings of the company HABEGGER.
In over 130 pages, our products and services are represented. The catalogue as well as the price list is available online.

Catalogue containment:

Company, original HABEGGER, rental service, rope and lifting technology, personal safety equipment, service and maintenance,
manufacturing and engineering